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Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Should Children Do After Playing in Public Places

Toys are the indispensable partners for children during the growth and development process because they can not only increase the interests in children’s life, enrich their knowledge, develop their ability to deal with things, but also help them cultivate the healthy and good character. However, one serious fact which should not be ignored is that it is easy to suffer from diseases during the toys playing process. In the spring and autumn, it is the risk phase to suffer from diseases such as respiratory infectious disease, hand-foot-and-mouth disease and intestines disease. As parents, do you know how to make children play toys safely?

Firstly, let us see the case. Three-year-old Tintin are more likely to play the children's slide, horse riding games and easy climbing game in the children's playground. Every day, he would play these games with his friends. In the weekend, his parents always take him to go outside to play with trampoline. In Tintin parents’ viewpoint, playing can promote the development of various ability of children, therefore they encourage Tintin to play toys and games. However, one rule is that Tintin should not eat things and bite other children during playing process. At the same time, after the playing, the first thing Tintin have to do is to wash hands. At the beginning, Tintin is not willing to comply with his parents’ rules, gradually, he forms the good habit of washing hands after repeated supervision.

If you are parents, do you think the rules given to Tintin by his parents are right or wrong?

According to the children development experts, what the Tintin parents’ do are the right behaviors. The recreational facilities and toys for children in public places are hardly disinfected so that it is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria. Children are so active by their nature so that they are more likely to grasp and touch each other, which is easy to spread disease. However, if children are not allowed to play toys and games, it is not beneficial to their ability development. Under such circumstance, parents have the responsibility to help and supervise children to form the good habit of paying attention to hygiene. After playing in the public places, they have to wash hands firstly. In addition, when taking bus, one year old or two years old children are likely to bite the chair with their mouth, parents should stop their children doing such behavior and ask them to be careful about dirty things.

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