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Friday, April 13, 2012

4 Little Tips To Speed Up Weight Loss

One, slowly, before meals, drink a bowl of soup

Before most of the menus are specially marked: all food diet based on your usual diet to eat, but pay attention to eating, be sure to eat slowly, do not eat too fast. This is because the first weight loss diet do not, so can not be thin not stick, the other is slowly, so as to reflect the time of satiety to the brain will not accidentally eat too much because excessive eating leads to food, and more conducive to gastrointestinal health, helps digestion!

If you worry about poor control of food intake, drink a bowl of soup before a meal, of course, the bowl is not to say the stock, but the broth, which is oil-free, add a little vegetable leaves or seaweed, cucumber, melon, etc. can. So you can give your stomach some satisfaction, my stomach had food, not hungry, will not gobble eat and drink, the same will be beneficial to the gastrointestinal digestion, can be described as killing two birds with one stone! You can also call: ladies meals France.

Two, a cup of black coffee a day
There are a lot of people drink coffee habit, but a bad cup of coffee habits not only will not allow you to achieve the purpose of downsizing will make your waist more obese. Usually are instant coffee, then a partner in the coffee or triple coffee which we can clearly see the "creamer", "hydrogenated vegetable oil, the fat content of 20% to 75 %, even higher heat than starch. Although it is the color white, thick milk, of water a milky color, in fact, nothing and milk on the nutritional value of the difference of thousands of miles, it is I have often mentioned is extremely harmful to health anti- fatty acids, and the main parts of obesity is your waist.

I said the coffee is black coffee, do not add any substance to this coffee contains very good polyphenolic antioxidant substances will accelerate our body's metabolism, speed up the fat burning, while a number of cardiovascular disease also have a role.

Recommended: drink a day, breakfast drink, also available at each meal drink a Becks, no more than three cups (150 ml), if you think that the taste is really bad, you can add milk reconstituted, the taste quite not bad. You can also call it: the coffee diet.

Three a day, not less than 250 ml full-fat plain milk
The front two, we may be able to understand, but to drink whole milk may have a lot of questions. First of all, I once again explain why choose whole milk, the fat content of whole milk is not high, only about 3% low-fat accounted for about 1.5% nonfat accounted for about 0.5 to 0.8, which means a difference of three of not much, but the original is no containing, as long as you eat a meat to eat back, while skim and low-fat, nutrient content will be reduced, poor taste, so you need not give up in order so a little bit of fat Choose a delicious and nutritious whole milk. Come talk to the milk why can speed weight loss speed.

The reasons are two, fat is not absorbed in the intestine and excreted. The high calcium milk with fat in the intestine, while the formation of calcium and fat substances and commonly used in soap, can not be absorbed in the intestine and therefore excreted. The higher the amount of calcium in the diet will be discharged more fat. Excreted fat is not the subcutaneous fat cells, but at the same time to eat fat. The second role is to: control of fat-burning mechanism. I have said many times to reduce the calories in the diet, excessive dieting, will lead to the corresponding metabolic rate. In other words, if you reduce calorie intake, the body will slow down the rate of consumption of calories to maintain energy balance. Calcium can offset this effect, increasing the rate of metabolism in the body to burn fat to maintain energy balance in the diet of the people. More importantly, the calcium can slow the rate of formation of new cells between the fat cells. But note that, because then you would drink like a fish special, do not drink, meals appropriate control to ensure the intake of milk a day can.
You can also call it: the milk diet.

Appropriate control calorie intake
I am talking about control calorie intake should be noted that the appropriate control, rather than dieting. The difference between the two is that the diet lead to nutritional deficiencies day, hungry, and proper control of calorie intake every day eat, hungry belly, adequate nutrition, but do articles on food choices in the heat on.

Large number of calories we choose some less, or eating on the morning and at noon, the two periods the calorie needs of the body is relatively large, while the metabolism is relatively strong, such as meat can be placed at noon with vegetables, nuts for breakfast or morning and afternoon meals, if you really want to eat little cakes we can on the morning of select meat, we try to choose fish and shrimp seafood. At dinner, we are sure to light deprivation. This will not only help you quickly reduce abdominal circumference, and more conducive to the health of the gastrointestinal.

Likes the friends of those high-calorie foods if you want to lose weight and control the calorie intake is to be done, but also want to eat the cakes, cookies, desserts, meat, would like to lose weight, it is almost impossible to really want to eat on on the noon and morning, and dinner based on the weight of the morning to eat a modest reduction or increase and select the sport to help digestion and increase metabolism. You can also call it: heat centralized lose weight.

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Meatless School Lunches: Impossible Dream?

I have no kid in the fight over pink slime in school lunches, but I've been fascinated to watch it play out. People are actually making the case that either there's no problem with serving ammonia-treated beef paste or it would cost too much to dish up less processed meat. Call me antediluvian, but to me shortchanging children feels like cookin' the seed corn. Don't we want them both nourished and educated if they're going to be taking over the world (and taking care of us old people)?

It's the second contention that makes me wonder why meat is considered so essential. Rice and beans, or beans and corn, will make a complete protein. (Ironically enough, my mom was taught that basic food science in the New York City public schools in the 1930s, when home ec was considered essential and beef lobbyists did not rule. And that enabled her to feed a litter of seven on almost nothing.) But I've heard parents complaining on the radio that their kids need meat.

So I was happy to hear this report last week on NPR, on India feeding schoolkids nutritious lunches sans slime for all of 11 cents a day. It's worth a listen or at least a read to hear how it's done and what it's accomplished: "Attendance goes up, malnutrition level comes down, dropout rate comes down."

Then again, I heard Eric Schlosser on WNYC last week say a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be preferable to pink slime. To which his host, Brian Lehrer, asked: "What about food allergies?" Life in "the world's richest country" is very complicated . . .

by Regina Schrambling

Thursday, April 12, 2012

HIV & AIDS Symptoms in Men – 5 Signs to Notice and to Tell if You are Infected HIV?

Have you ever experienced with unprotected sex? Are you engaged in a high-risk behavior such as sharing needles during intravenous drug use? If so, you are probably exposed to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). And when you has tested positive for HIV, it simply means you has now acquired the HIV which is the cause of AIDS.

The early signs of being infected are shown differently in men and generally happened within two to six weeks after the infection of HIV known as the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome which damages an individual's immune system. The early HIV symptoms can be concluded with these following signs:

Sign 1: Fever

Fever is one of the most common early HIV symptoms. It is occurred both in men or women. This certain symptom generally appears soon after infection. It will happen during two to four weeks, and gradually dissipate like other flues. The fever symptoms are normally mild in nature and raise body’s temperature around 100 to 101 degrees F.

Sign 2: Headache

Mostly HIV infected men will get fever with periodic stroke of mild to moderate headaches. These headaches seem normal as general headaches you have faced in everyday life.

Sign 3: Swollen Glands

In a man who is infectious he can be found with some amount of swelling or inflammation in one or more of the lymph glands in the body. He may be found with a gland in his neck, armpit or groin that has gradually become swollen, raised and firm. In general, this swelling or inflammation will not cause any kind of pain or discomfort to the gland. Besides, this symptom shown always be mistaken for another illness.

Sign 4: Fatigue

The infected men can also be found with dramatic changing of their level of energy or stamina. They can become unexplainably fatigued or tired more than general. However, physical exercise in any man can result them differently and they probably conceive that this certain feeling occur a little more tired from a day at work.

Sign 5: Rash

In early symptom of HIV it can probably happen in the form of a general rash that appears as patches of skin that are gradually discolored from other areas. The rash may show raised and simply fade away within a week to a month after it first developed.

If those signs are appeared to you, the best suggestion here is to get yourself tested. The idea of being Tested for HIV Infection may be frightening. But the HIV Testing itself doesn't bring you HIV-positive or HIV-negative result. It's very critical not only for your own health but also to prevent the transmission of the virus to others.

Conceiving After a Vasectomy – Vasectomy Reversal Alternatives

Vasectomy is a form of male contraception by which the male reproductive tract is severed, tied or sealed so that sperms cannot enter the ejaculate. Although for long, vasectomy was considered to be a permanent way of disabling a man from impregnating a woman, advancements in microsurgery over the last century has led to the development of the vasectomy reversal procedure. This process restores the reproductive tract of the male to its state prior to vasectomy, and makes conception possible for his partner. For those who do not want to resort to vasectomy reversal, there are other options.

What is Vasectomy?
Sperms are produced in the testicles of a man. From here they are carried to the epididymis through the efferent tubules. It is in the epididymis where the sperms mature. Then they reach the urethra through the vas deferens before being ejected with the ejaculate. It is the vas deferens that are severed and closed during vasectomy. Vasectomy blocks the passage of sperms from testicles to the ejaculate. However, it does not diminish the production of sperms in the testicles. It is due to this reason that conceiving after vasectomy is still possible.

Conceiving After a Vasectomy

Vasectomy Reversal Procedure
This is a surgical procedure in which the vas deferens that were severed through vasectomy are reconnected. This is not a very complicated procedure. It lasts only for 3 to 5 hours. However, it requires a skilled surgeon to locate the vas deferens and rejoin them. Although it sounds simple, conceiving after vasectomy reversal procedure isn’t always possible. This happens because a blockage often gets created in the epididymis due to the back pressure from vasectomy. This second obstruction becomes more prevalent with time. Hence, for a successful vasectomy reversal procedure a surgeon has to remove this obstruction in addition to attaching the severed vas deferens.

The Need for Vasectomy Reversal Alternatives
On an average the vasectomy reversal cost per delivery per couple could range anywhere around $15,000. Despite the high cost involved, impregnation does not take place immediately. Moreover, the chances of conceiving after vasectomy reversal is around 60% only. The drawbacks along with the surgical process involved has made many couples look at alternatives to vasectomy reversal.

Vasectomy Reversal Alternatives

Sperm Aspiration: If a couple is interested in conceiving after vasectomy but does not want to go through vasectomy reversal, they can choose to have sperm aspiration done. In this procedure, the doctor retrieves sperms from the epididymis or the testes. In case sperms are removed from the epididymis, it is done by inserting a needle through the skin into the tubule (epididymis). Sperms from the testes are obtained by removing some tissue from it using a biopsy needle. This tissue contains sperms. These sperms can then be used for in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection to fertilize an egg.

Sperm Banking: Men who are going in for vasectomy could consider storing their sperms in sperm banks for later use. This option is already given to them when they are opting for vasectomy. In this case, some sperms are removed from the testes or vas deferens and stored at low cost in special facilities in the sperm banks. These sperms can later be used to have babies through IVF.

Therapeutic Donor Insemination: This option is for those men who are open to the idea of having a baby without using one’s own sperms. In this case, a couple needs to choose a sperm donor. Once this is done, the woman is artificially inseminated by putting the donor sperm into her cervix or uterus during ovulation. In 5 to 25% of the cases, the donor sperm fertilizes the egg.

There is no better method than the natural way of conceiving. On an average only 25% to 30% couples conceive using one of these methods. Also a number of trials are required as a woman might not be able to conceive at the first chance itself. All this makes these methods expensive and time-consuming. Still, these are the only biological options of having babies for couples in which the man has undergone a vasectomy.

Vasectomy should not hinder a couple from expanding their family. From surgically reversing the vasectomy to considering vasectomy reversal alternatives, there are a number of ways of conceiving even after vasectomy.

By Debopriya Bose

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Side Effects of Vitamin C

  Vitamin C is a kind of Vitamin that is loaded with so many medicinal properties. It is good for the body and protects you from cold and coughs and also has some properties that help to strengthen immunity.

Some of the fruits that are loaded with vitamin C are kiwis, oranges, grapes, oranges and so on. It is good to eat vitamin c regularly but you will surprise to get that excess of eating vitamin C can result in some health issues.

Some of the recent medical surveys said that excess of taking vitamin C result in serious health hazards. One must eat about 60mg of servings of vitamin C per day. Some people have thought that more amount will they eat more they stay from diseases which are not true. This is a miracle worker but excess of it can result some side effects that are given below:

If you have Vitamin C in excess amount then it may result in nausea and dizziness. Also, it may also come with painful stomach cramps and repeated vomiting.

Excess of taking vitamin c leads the facial skin to redness.

Excess can also gives way to heartburn and indigestion.

Some believe that you can apply that directly over the skin but some people who have sensitive skin may get allergies, rashes or irritation after applying them directly over the skin.

Excess of vitamin c can also form kidney stones.

Excess of vitamin flushes out waste from skin but harms intestines actually. Which further result in stomach issues like vomiting and diarrhea.

Excess of eating vitamin C makes you tired and also tiredness takes your sleep and that is the reason it gives way to insomnia.

Excess of vitamin c provides so many physiological problems to human body.

Eating excess amount of gives way to formation of more oxidation in blood and this amount is much required by human body. It further too damages the white blood cells beyond repair.

A person having deficiency of vitamin c also have to eat high dose of vitamin c. rather amount sufficient for human body is 60 mg to 100mg. t his amount is too much for cell repair, fighting with cold and cough and also aging.

Ascorbic acid or vitamin c helps the body to stay away from stomach cancer but taking high dosage can stand in the path of treatment and the medicines become useless.
We can’t deny the fact that excess amount of eating vitamin c leads you to health issues but you need to focus over the benefits of eating vitamin c. So, eat vitamin c regularly but in moderate amount.

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Making Yogurt Is Easier Than You Think!

Before we embarked on our homemade yogurt primer, I assumed the process was a fussy hassle, but I'm happy to report that it's remarkably easy and mess-free! Another bonus: While you can buy an actual yogurt-making machine, you don't have to, and you probably already own most or all of the tools you need to get started.

Author Megan Steintrager, an Epicurious and Gourmet Live contributor who often makes yogurt at home, consulted several experts: Anne Mendelson, the author of Milk; Ashley English, the author of Home Dairy with Ashley English; and Jenny and Gino Ammirati who own Culture, a yogurt shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. With their expertise, she created the ultimate guide to homemade yogurt, including step-by-step instructions, detailed information on ingredients and tools, and a classic recipe that produces a creamy and mild cultured-dairy treat without any of the additives found in a lot of supermarket options. And there's more good news: If you like thick, luscious Greek-style yogurt, all you have to do is strain your homemade batch.

Have you ever made your own yogurt? Tell us about it!

by Lauren Salkeld

5 Tips to reduce weight easily

Over weight problem is a matter of concern. Shedding weight is not a tough job but its not that easy too. You need to choose correct technique to lose weight for yourself according to your body type. There is nothing about being demoralized or loosing hope, just try not to skip your meals as reducing weight does not means only dieting.

Many people have a misconception about reducing weight, they think that weight can be decreased only through dieting or skipping meals. Let me tell you friends this will not all going to help you. For reducing weight first of all select a healthy diet for yourself. Avoid calories and opt for fat free food. Here are top 5 slimming tips which will help you a lot in shedding those extra pounds.

5 Tips to Slim Down

    Avoid eating fried snacks between lunch and dinner time. You can take green or black tea instead of snacks as they contain amino acid which secretes the relaxing chemicals of mind that helps in controlling hunger.
    Whole grain tortillas are very healthy, they can be used to make sandwiches or nutria-raps. By reducing the level of carbohydrates in tortillas they can be a good source of reducing weight. Corn tortilla contains 70% less calories compared to wheat flour tortilla.
    Sweet corns are not only tasty to eat but according to a latest study they contains 2 times more antioxidants that apple and are low calorie food.
    Increase the level of protein in your food. Protein takes more time to digest and remains in your stomach for a longer time. Protein rich food like egg yolk, turkey sandwiches, fat free milk and curd, grilled fish and vegetables will help you to loose weight and be slim.
    If you want to eat some salty food then instead of eating fried or oily chips eat roasted almonds. They are full of monounsaturated fatty acid and hence are very healthy. They help in shedding weight if eaten regularly.

The above mentioned were some of the tips for Weight Loss. Hope you find it useful.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Proper Hand Washing Procedures – 7 Important Things You Should Know

Blood borne pathogens can cause diseases in humans and they are transmitted when infectious blood or other bodily fluid enters the body of another person. Exposure to blood borne pathogens is more likely to occur in some work settings. Infectious diseases are spread through unclean hands, so hand washing is prescribed as the most important practice to prevent or reduce the risk of infection and transmission. Washing hands and other exposed skin as soon as possible after getting exposed to human blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids can help you get maximum protection.

1. Proper Hand Washing Procedures

Universal precautionary measures for preventing exposure to blood borne pathogens insist that all human blood and bodily fluids should be treated as infectious, so it is crucial to take these measures immediately after contacting with these substances. You can infect yourself with some infectious materials, if you touch blood or other bodily fluids and touch your eyes, nose or mouth without washing your hands properly. Blood borne pathogens may be transmitted through the mucous membranes of eyes, nose and mouth. Proper hand washing techniques can help prevent the risk of infection.

It is important to use soap and water to wash your hands thoroughly, after treating wounds, giving medicine to a sick or injured person. You can use antibacterial soap and warm water to wash your hands.

2. Remove Jewelry Before Hand Washing

You should remove rings or any other jewelry pieces on the fingers and wrists, before washing your hands. Jewelry can interfere with sufficient cleansing.

3. Scrub Your Hands And Wrists

Wet your hands and wrists with warm water. Lather soap and scrub all the surfaces of your hands and wrists. Well. Scrubbing your hand with the palm of other hand can help remove all germs. It is important to scrub in and between the fingers as well. Scrub the back of the hands thoroughly. Scrub each thumb and wrist by clasping in opposite direction.

4. Spend 15 to 20 Seconds In Hand Washing

Experts recommend that you should spend 15 to 20 seconds in washing your hands. Once you clean the hands thoroughly, rinse them with warm water.

5. Dry Your Hands

Pat your hands dry with a clean towel. You can also use a paper towel. Research studies say that wet hands can carry more infectious materials than dirty hands. A reusable cloth towel may have germs, if it is not freshly laundered. If a clean cloth towel or new paper towel is not available, you can use air dryer to dry your hands.

6. Use Paper Towel To Turn Off The Faucet

Turn off the water faucet using the paper towel. Faucet may have infectious substance, so touching it after washing the hands can cause infection.

7. Small Things Matter

Ensure that your sleeves are rolled up before start washing your hands. They should not get wet while washing. Wash forearms, if you doubt that they have been contaminated.

In addition to proper hand washing, you should flush eyes, nose and mouth for 15 minutes, if blood or other bodily fluids are splashed in mucous membranes. Taking these steps can help control the risk of infection as well as transmission.

The blood borne pathogens training course helps you get to know the details about HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act), compliance procedures and implementation of HIPAA into your job and work place.

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Top 10 Clever Uses for Fingernail Polish

10. Gauge a bucket. Buckets usually have measured lines inside them, but they’re oftentimes illegible when viewed from above. Make those inside lines visible by marking them with a brush stroke of contrasting nail polish.

9. Pre-set a shower temp. Find your favorite water temperature, turn off the water and then mark the settings by putting a bit of polish on the stationary ring of the knob/knobs so you don’t have to fiddle with it in the mornings.

8. Mark a key. Have some house keys on your ring that aren’t for your pad? Color-code your keys with polish. ‘Red for me, purple for mom….’

7. Tighten a screw. Swabbing a bit of nail polish on screw threads before inserting them will help keep screws tight. The same applies to nuts too.

6. And speaking of screws…. Apply clear polish to new toilet seat screws to keep them from rusting too quickly.

5. Fill a nick. You can use a drop of clear polish to fill little nicks in hardwood floors. A light followup with 600 grit sandpaper over the polish will tone-down the shine.

4. Hide a chip. If you have a chip in a ceramic item, brush polish over the nick for a quick camouflage. Use a matching color straight out of the bottle or mix your own custom color.

3. Prevent a rust ring. Do you have rust rings on the side of your bathtub from shave cream cans? Avoid them by applying fingernail polish to the bottoms of the metal containers.

2. Mend a window screen. If you have a small hole–say less than 1/4 inch in diameter–in your window screen, you can patch it with a bit of polish to keep the pesties at bay.

And the number 1 clever use for fingernail polish

Remove a wart. Apparently, applying a bit of nail polish to a wart will prevent it from spreading and within a week’s time the polish will even remove or greatly diminish it. Go figure.

Healthy Eating Tips – 7 Ideas for Feeling Great

Most of us lead really busy lives and in the business it is easy to forget the importance of living a healthy life so that we settle for what’s convenient rather than what is good for us. However, it is worth making healthy eating a priority because the benefits are enormous.

Here are seven healthy eating tips that you can use to improve your health and happiness and enjoy life more:

1. Eat Plenty of fresh food

Take a look at the proportion of fresh food that you eat. It should comprise at least half of your total diet. Processed and refined foods are usually high in sugar, salt, preservatives, chemicals, additives, saturated fat and trans fats. These are just not good for you, whereas fresh food contains the nutrients that you need. If your consumption of fresh food is less that half your total diet then it is a good healthy eating idea to increase your daily intake of fresh food until it is at least half of your diet.

2. Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Raw fruits and vegetables should comprise some of the fresh food that you eat. It is a great idea to eat some with each meal. You will feel so much better if you do. Here’s some healthy eating ideas for increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet:

    Snack on fruits and nuts;
    If you make soup throw some raw chopped vegetables in at the last minute;
    Make fruit smoothies;
    Eat salads and sprouted seeds with your meals.
    Use herbs and spices as they have health benefits and add taste and variety to food.

Try to eat at least five portions of vegetables each day. They are important sources of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, which are antioxidants and benefit health and the immune system. They reduce the risk of all kinds of illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

3. Eat more Fibre

Eating plenty of fibre ensures a healthy digestive system and helps to maintain blood sugar balance. Fibre is the indigestible portion of grain, fruit and vegetables. It is the pulp of fruits, the cell walls of vegetables and the bran of the grain. These foods help to improve the digestive system, help to grow healthy bacteria in the gut and help to prevent disease by aiding the elimination of waste products and toxins.

4. Cut Down on Sugar

Most people consume too much sugar. It is added to many foods such as breakfast cereals and soda and we add it more of it to tea and coffee. It contains just empty calories and goes straight into the blood stream causing swings in blood sugar and energy levels. Artificial sweeteners are thought to be carcinogenic so the best alternatives are fresh fruits and fruit juice. Try to wean yourself off having sugar in drinks, For example, if you like to have two spoons of sugar in your coffee reduce it to one and a half then when you’ve got used to that reduce it again to one spoon and then again until you find that half a spoon in your drinks is sufficient.

5. Cut Down on Salt

Having too much salt in your diet can upset the balance of sodium and potassium in your body, which can trigger high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also be a cause of fluid retention and kidney stones. Avoid foods that are high in salt such as potato chips and meats which have been cured or smoked. Salt is also hidden in many other foods such as sauces and processed food. Try experimenting with herbs and spices in cooking rather than adding salt to give flavor. If you do need to use some salt then use sea salt.

6. Have variety

Often we eat the same foods every day out of routine. For example, we have the same breakfast cereal, eat the same sandwiches for lunch or eat the same fast food each day out of convenience. When you eat the same food all the time it is possible to develop food sensitivities. It is a good healthy eating tip to leave at least a three-day gap before having the same food again. For example, use several breakfast cereals and leave a three-day gap before eating the same one again.

7. Affirm that You Like Healthy Eating

The way to healthy eating and leading a healthy life is to thinking positively. Many of us just don’t understand how important it is to have a positive mindset. Consequently, many people often allow negative thoughts to dominate their minds and their bodies. One of the most important factors for being happy and healthy is having a good attitude.

An easy way to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts is to use affirmations every day. Positive affirmations are simply statements that you can make out loud or under your breath to replace the negative thoughts you have about anything, including food. Many people find it useful to say affirmations as they go about their daily life and they find that, as a result, their thoughts become more positive.

A good affirmation would encourage you to adopt healthy eating habits and remind you how important it is to take care of yourself. Examples could be:

    “I enjoy healthy eating.”
    “I exercise every day”
    “I enjoy healthy living.”

Making affirmations is an easy way of reminding yourself that you are important, your body is important and your health is important.


If you follow the six tips above you will definitely be eating much more healthily and create a firm foundation for healthy eating. If you also adopt the seventh tip and start to make positive affirmations then you will program your sub-conscious and develop the will-power to continue a life-time habit of healthy eating and excellent health.

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How to Grow Taller- Tips to increase height

1. Healthy Living
* Exercise regularly particularly exercises that lengthen the muscle such as swimming and cycling.
* Have a balanced and healthy diet which includes protein, magnesium, calcium and vitamins.
* Say no to drinking alcohol.
* Get enough hours of sleep, at least 8.
* Avoid smoking and staying away from people who smoke.

2. Exercises to Increase Height
You can find many types of exercises particularly stretching exercises to grow taller. These are particularly developed to lengthen the body.

3. Human Growth Hormones
As the term suggest, these are hormones to stimulate growth. There are HGH products that can be taken orally like pills, spray or powders. However, you might not want to spend money on these products since once HGH made its way to the stomach they will already be broken down so they won’t enter the bloodstream. There are HGH injections but they should be prescribed by doctors since it is risky as it might lead to complications.

4. Pilates
You can find Pilates moves that can increase height. Pilates improves one’s posture and thus anyone who does Pilates will stand taller. With Pilates your body extends, stretch, lengthen and strengthen. It can help you grow to your maximum body height.

5. Height Increase Surgery
It is a set of procedure that places rod on the limbs to allow growth. This way of increasing height is painful and very expensive although results can give you as much as 12 inches increase in height. Recuperation will be extensive and long. You may also be in a risk.

But with the guaranteed results many who desperately want to grow taller would undergo the surgery.

6. Yoga
Yoga is another way to increase height. Yoga originated from India and is popularly known to enhance physical and spiritual well-being. It has established its reputation to help people stay fit.

Yoga is said not to have any effect while someone is in his or her growth phase. What yoga does is it stretches and elongates your spine resulting to the creation of space and developing your spinal muscles. Yoga makes you hold yourself up more properly thus making you looks taller.

7. Supplements
There are many height increasing supplements available in the market but most are not efficient. If you want guaranteed results, you should choose genuine. real,natural, approved and registered supplements which proved to stimulate increase in the production of Human Growth Hormone levels.

8. Let Shoes do the Trick
If you want immediate fix, then do the shoe-trick. You may wear designed to increase height also known as elevating shoes. Elevating shoes these days are innovative so people will hardly notice you are wearing a pair of these kinds of shoes. You will instantly add 4 inches by putting them on.

A Super Easy Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

As our world population grows, we face many crisis’ that have never surfaced before. This is the problem of obesity, something that is becoming more and more common all of the time. There are a few reasons why this issue is on the rise. The first problem is that we are often busy and neglect to consume balanced meals at regular intervals. We go from the corner fast food restaurant to the vending machines in an attempt to keep going throughout the day. Secondly, our busy schedules do not allow us the time to really exercise as we should. It is hard to get into a healthy weight loss plan within our lives which is why the following method may just help you.

This is not a flash in the pan healthy weight loss plan, it is going to take some planning on your behalf. There is no room for the faint of will, you will need to be resilient in your efforts if your going to make this work. This plan is a two step process that begins with a cleanse and ends with a healthy way of eating. If you follow this plan you will lose fat quickly and keep it off as long as you abide by the plan.

The best way to start this particular healthy weight loss plan is with the master cleanse. There is plenty of material that is available on this particular fast. You can do it anywhere from three days up to ten days or more. I personally have experienced a ten day master cleanse which helped to clear my body of all of its food addictions. This will put you in a much better position to be able to choose healthier foods once it is complete.

After your fast, you will no doubt want to retain the good feeling that you have as a result of your body getting the right type of things that it needs. The best way that you can do this is by eating a high raw food diet. This diet involves consuming organic vegetables and fruits throughout the day whenever you become hungry. It is a good practice to eat every two to three hours as the day progresses. This will help speed up your body’s metabolism turning it into a fat burning machine.

Something else you want to consider is integrating high intensity interval training. The way that you do this is by doing some form of exercise, typically running for one minute. After the minute is up you walk for two minutes. You will want to continue this interval training for approximately 25 minutes. If you incorporate this into your healthy weight loss plan then the pounds will come of at a much quicker pace.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips
Losing weight is never easy. It takes hard work and a new way of thinking. Perhaps you’ve tried one diet after another only to be disappointed by more weight gain. Fortunately, there are healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off. Use the healthy weight loss tips below to get started on the road to lifelong weight success.

  1) Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day – this helps flush your body of impurities and fat. You can also substitute a few glasses of water for green or herbal tea.
  2) Break up your meals into 5 or 6 smaller ones – this will help speed up your metabolism and keep you from getting too hungry in between meals.
  3) Increase your fruit and vegetable intake – these are packed with vitamins.
  4) Decrease your fat intake – try for no more than 20 grams per day.
  5) Exercise for 30 minutes each day – take a walk, or play a game with your kids. Just get moving.
  6) Find a hobby – take up knitting or painting to keep your hands busy.
  7) Don’t eat that late night snack – Try not to eat for at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  8)Listen to your body – your body will tell you when it is full, hungry, stressed, tired. Learn the signs and obey what your body is telling you.
  9) Increase your fiber – choose whole grain pasta and bread.
  10) Cleanse and detoxify – this may be the most important. Rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals, while allowing it to function normally.

Get Creative with Your Diet Plan

Think about your diet for a moment. Are strict regimen diets going to work when you’re so accustomed to eating what you want when you want? Do you have time and money to plan meals that require many ingredients that you’ve never even heard of? If not, then you probably won’t last long on many diet plans. When you determine that it’s time to lose weight, use the foods you already eat to your advantage – even the fattening ones. Don’t cut them out altogether, just eat smarter!

Try eating your favorite items in smaller portions along with a new tasty food that’s healthy. For example, if your favorite meal is two cheeseburgers with fried potatoes, turn this into a healthier meal by eating only one cheeseburger, boil a potato for 45 minutes (tastes great with ketchup), and add a couple of vegetables such as green beans and corn to your meal.

You’re actually getting more foods and adding good nutrition, but eating smaller portions of the fattening ones. The potatoes taste just as good boiled as they do fried but are much healthier!

Add Protein-Rich Foods or Protein Shakes to Your Diet

Another way to achieve healthy weight loss is to add protein-rich foods to your diet or drink protein shakes as snacks or replacement meals. There are even special diets and companies where you can get protein shakes customized for your body’s nutritional needs. Drink Plenty of Water for Healthy Weight Loss

Water is essential to a healthy weight loss plan. Water hydrates the body and organs. It gives you energy and helps you to fill full throughout the day. Water also helps your skin and cells. No matter what type of diet you choose, be sure to drink around six to eight glasses of water per day.

The benefits of healthy weight loss are many: lower blood pressure, better figure, more energy, healthier heart and organs, less stress on bones, joints, and muscles, and less mental stress.

Drink Green Tea For Fast Healthy Weight Loss
Nature seems to have a cure for everything if you can find it with the health benefits of green tea, only just being understood; it is used in on its own and in dietary supplements as an antioxidant. As a liquid extract, green tea weight loss supplements can be drunk like regular tea but however you take it, you will burn calories more naturally.

It has a wide range of benefits for the human metabolism but first and foremost, it has great anti-aging properties, accelerating cell regeneration and slowing the oxidation process in the system. Whilst this is an added benefit, weight loss products rely on its ability to work as a natural laxative and use it as a product that purges toxins from the system. The way to stop fat from forming is by burning calories faster than they can be put on as excess weight, and this is where the product excels.

The wonders of green tea weight loss health products will not work alone and require the commitment of the user to exercise and eat healthily. If you want to achieve a healthier body and lifestyle then changes to your eating habits will be necessary along with other adjustments.

The greatest benefits are seen when people who drink green tea, do so before they go to sleep even though it can be used at anytime. It is possible that during the first two or three days, you may experience some bowel discomfort, but that is very likely to pass soon. Although it may seem worrying at first, this physical reaction is quite normal and means the green teas weight loss products are improving the metabolism. Providing you stick to your diet which would include exercise, an increase in fluids and vegetables you will see benefits within seven days of starting your diet.