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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Side Effects of Vitamin C

  Vitamin C is a kind of Vitamin that is loaded with so many medicinal properties. It is good for the body and protects you from cold and coughs and also has some properties that help to strengthen immunity.

Some of the fruits that are loaded with vitamin C are kiwis, oranges, grapes, oranges and so on. It is good to eat vitamin c regularly but you will surprise to get that excess of eating vitamin C can result in some health issues.

Some of the recent medical surveys said that excess of taking vitamin C result in serious health hazards. One must eat about 60mg of servings of vitamin C per day. Some people have thought that more amount will they eat more they stay from diseases which are not true. This is a miracle worker but excess of it can result some side effects that are given below:

If you have Vitamin C in excess amount then it may result in nausea and dizziness. Also, it may also come with painful stomach cramps and repeated vomiting.

Excess of taking vitamin c leads the facial skin to redness.

Excess can also gives way to heartburn and indigestion.

Some believe that you can apply that directly over the skin but some people who have sensitive skin may get allergies, rashes or irritation after applying them directly over the skin.

Excess of vitamin c can also form kidney stones.

Excess of vitamin flushes out waste from skin but harms intestines actually. Which further result in stomach issues like vomiting and diarrhea.

Excess of eating vitamin C makes you tired and also tiredness takes your sleep and that is the reason it gives way to insomnia.

Excess of vitamin c provides so many physiological problems to human body.

Eating excess amount of gives way to formation of more oxidation in blood and this amount is much required by human body. It further too damages the white blood cells beyond repair.

A person having deficiency of vitamin c also have to eat high dose of vitamin c. rather amount sufficient for human body is 60 mg to 100mg. t his amount is too much for cell repair, fighting with cold and cough and also aging.

Ascorbic acid or vitamin c helps the body to stay away from stomach cancer but taking high dosage can stand in the path of treatment and the medicines become useless.
We can’t deny the fact that excess amount of eating vitamin c leads you to health issues but you need to focus over the benefits of eating vitamin c. So, eat vitamin c regularly but in moderate amount.

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