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Friday, April 13, 2012

4 Little Tips To Speed Up Weight Loss

One, slowly, before meals, drink a bowl of soup

Before most of the menus are specially marked: all food diet based on your usual diet to eat, but pay attention to eating, be sure to eat slowly, do not eat too fast. This is because the first weight loss diet do not, so can not be thin not stick, the other is slowly, so as to reflect the time of satiety to the brain will not accidentally eat too much because excessive eating leads to food, and more conducive to gastrointestinal health, helps digestion!

If you worry about poor control of food intake, drink a bowl of soup before a meal, of course, the bowl is not to say the stock, but the broth, which is oil-free, add a little vegetable leaves or seaweed, cucumber, melon, etc. can. So you can give your stomach some satisfaction, my stomach had food, not hungry, will not gobble eat and drink, the same will be beneficial to the gastrointestinal digestion, can be described as killing two birds with one stone! You can also call: ladies meals France.

Two, a cup of black coffee a day
There are a lot of people drink coffee habit, but a bad cup of coffee habits not only will not allow you to achieve the purpose of downsizing will make your waist more obese. Usually are instant coffee, then a partner in the coffee or triple coffee which we can clearly see the "creamer", "hydrogenated vegetable oil, the fat content of 20% to 75 %, even higher heat than starch. Although it is the color white, thick milk, of water a milky color, in fact, nothing and milk on the nutritional value of the difference of thousands of miles, it is I have often mentioned is extremely harmful to health anti- fatty acids, and the main parts of obesity is your waist.

I said the coffee is black coffee, do not add any substance to this coffee contains very good polyphenolic antioxidant substances will accelerate our body's metabolism, speed up the fat burning, while a number of cardiovascular disease also have a role.

Recommended: drink a day, breakfast drink, also available at each meal drink a Becks, no more than three cups (150 ml), if you think that the taste is really bad, you can add milk reconstituted, the taste quite not bad. You can also call it: the coffee diet.

Three a day, not less than 250 ml full-fat plain milk
The front two, we may be able to understand, but to drink whole milk may have a lot of questions. First of all, I once again explain why choose whole milk, the fat content of whole milk is not high, only about 3% low-fat accounted for about 1.5% nonfat accounted for about 0.5 to 0.8, which means a difference of three of not much, but the original is no containing, as long as you eat a meat to eat back, while skim and low-fat, nutrient content will be reduced, poor taste, so you need not give up in order so a little bit of fat Choose a delicious and nutritious whole milk. Come talk to the milk why can speed weight loss speed.

The reasons are two, fat is not absorbed in the intestine and excreted. The high calcium milk with fat in the intestine, while the formation of calcium and fat substances and commonly used in soap, can not be absorbed in the intestine and therefore excreted. The higher the amount of calcium in the diet will be discharged more fat. Excreted fat is not the subcutaneous fat cells, but at the same time to eat fat. The second role is to: control of fat-burning mechanism. I have said many times to reduce the calories in the diet, excessive dieting, will lead to the corresponding metabolic rate. In other words, if you reduce calorie intake, the body will slow down the rate of consumption of calories to maintain energy balance. Calcium can offset this effect, increasing the rate of metabolism in the body to burn fat to maintain energy balance in the diet of the people. More importantly, the calcium can slow the rate of formation of new cells between the fat cells. But note that, because then you would drink like a fish special, do not drink, meals appropriate control to ensure the intake of milk a day can.
You can also call it: the milk diet.

Appropriate control calorie intake
I am talking about control calorie intake should be noted that the appropriate control, rather than dieting. The difference between the two is that the diet lead to nutritional deficiencies day, hungry, and proper control of calorie intake every day eat, hungry belly, adequate nutrition, but do articles on food choices in the heat on.

Large number of calories we choose some less, or eating on the morning and at noon, the two periods the calorie needs of the body is relatively large, while the metabolism is relatively strong, such as meat can be placed at noon with vegetables, nuts for breakfast or morning and afternoon meals, if you really want to eat little cakes we can on the morning of select meat, we try to choose fish and shrimp seafood. At dinner, we are sure to light deprivation. This will not only help you quickly reduce abdominal circumference, and more conducive to the health of the gastrointestinal.

Likes the friends of those high-calorie foods if you want to lose weight and control the calorie intake is to be done, but also want to eat the cakes, cookies, desserts, meat, would like to lose weight, it is almost impossible to really want to eat on on the noon and morning, and dinner based on the weight of the morning to eat a modest reduction or increase and select the sport to help digestion and increase metabolism. You can also call it: heat centralized lose weight.

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