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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Digging Into The 3 Most Probable Reasons For Eating Disorders

Eating disorder is very common nowadays and increasingly more people are suffering from it nowadays. While those people generally show specific symptoms which are somewhat similar, there are actually a lot of possible causes that may result in this condition. If you know someone in real life who is suffering from this medical condition and you intend to help them get out from it, the best thing you can do now is to understand what may actually cause this condition in the first place. For your information, here are the top 4 reasons that experts have found to be the most likely contributing factors.

The first reason that causes the medical condition of eating disorder for most people is the difficulty to deal with major life transitions. Queer but true, there are a lot of people out there who always want to lead a life that is monotonous, predictable as well as familiar all the time and preferably without any big turbulence. When major transitions in life such as puberty, loss or death of loved ones, or even loss of their jobs take place, they will incur upon themselves the feeling of losing control completely and will then be helplessly plunged into the state of depression coupled with the condition of eating disorder.

Besides that, there are those who suffer from eating disorder because of family problems. Typically, family problems can be due to the divorce of parents, broken marriage, extramarital relationships as well as poor relationships between parents and children. Once again, sufferers falling into this category typically feel like they have very limited or no control at all over their family problems and there is nothing that they could do to rectify the situation. Prolonged period for being in such a mental state will bring them extreme fear and then slowly lead them into contracting the medical condition of eating disorder.

Another very common cause is the unexpected failure at work or study. More often than not, this affects those who are perfectionists and have very high expectations of themselves. This group of people seldom experience any downs in life as they usually have been having smooth sailing in life all this while. When things fail miserably for them in their work or studies, the whole world would suddenly come crashing down for them. Not only they will be ashamed of the setback, they will feel very guilty and suffer from self-worthlessness too. Ultimately, they will end up in the condition of eating disorder.

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