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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Make Up Tips For Lazy Girls

If you hate getting ready in the morning but still want to look great, you’re not alone. Maybe you’d rather get a few extra minutes of sleep than wake up early to put on make up. Well, you’ll be happy to know that there are tips and tricks you can do to shave time off your morning beauty routine. You can still look fabulous without the effort. Below are some ways you can keep hitting the snooze button and still leave your house looking and feeling great.

Skip the foundation: If you have more time or actually manage to get up earlier in the morning, then feel free to add foundation to your morning beauty ritual. Otherwise, you can get away with a skin primer and a good bronzer. Applying the primer on your skin first will keep the bronzer or blush on throughout the day and you won’t need to reapply. But if you don’t have time even for that, then just skip the primer and go straight to the bronzer. Use a large blush brush and apply a few quick strokes all over your face. This will give your skin a nice glow and make you look refreshed.

Use Matte Eyeshadow: Matte shadows are great because the color is really pronounced and it stays on your eye longer than shadow that’s transparent or that has shimmer in it. You also need to apply less of it, so just a few strokes with a good brush or your finger and you’ll be ready to go. Save your shimmery shadows for a night out when you’re feeling more refreshed and have more time to get ready. Or bring some other shadows with you to work and apply it after work when you’re ready to go out. Wholesale cosmetics like eyeshadow are a great bargain from online retailers, and you can get the same selection as in the store but for half the price.

Use an Eyelash Curler: Heating up your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds will help it work better and lock in the curl. All you’ll need is just a few strokes of mascara and you’re set. A little mascara and the matte eyeshadow is all you really need on your eyes for a regular day at the office.

If you have time only for one make up item, use lipstick: My mom always says, “A face without lipstick is like an unpainted picture.” If you’re wearing other make up, then you can just wear gloss on your lips. But if you have no other make up on your face, then wearing a darker color lipstick will brighten up your face and make you look more presentable and competent. Every woman should have a good supply of lipsticks in her make up drawer, with colors like red, berry, burgundy and pink. Lipstick is another essential cosmetics item that is great to get wholesale.

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